Londre (22)

Battle field layout

Location of Londre (22)

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7 connections

Centra (16) , Culver (17) , Caster (19) , Anglia (20) , Attley (23) , Linden (24) , Celsea (28)

Available 5th Units

Erin & Ander

Gargoyles, Skeletons, Shooters

Flax's Shame

Gargoyles, Skeletons, Lancers

Terian's War

Gargoyles, Skeletons


Gargoyles, Skeletons, Shooters

About the province

Londre (22) is the most powerful province in the game. It is always begins as the home of Eselred, head of the Lankshire family and often stays his base of operation. Eselred keeps Londre well stocked with provisions and troops, as well as maintains a high level of cultivation, protection and loyalty. Londre is open to attack seven adjacent provinces, making it a startegic location to control. And the field layout makes the province the easiest to defend in the game.

Stratagy for taking province

Taking control of Londre should only be attempted when attacking with a strong force. As always, it is best to attacked if Eselred is governing because of his weak war power. The dragon is a teirble 5th unit to face on this battlefield. If the dragon isn't available, Gargoyles is almost garenteed.

The primary advantages of attacking Londre come from the computer's poor AI. Even with the Dragon, an attacking force 5/6 the size, and a weak 100 strength 5th unit you can still attack Eselred and win with 85% of the army remaining. There is some stratigy and a couple tricks needed to make this happen.

For any attack, units I (calvery), II (first infentry), and III (archers) need to form a trap for oncoming enmey units. Unless the enmey is being attacked with overwhelming force, expect that they will send units I (calvery), II (first infentry), and IV (second infentry) north-west. The best location to meet this attack is in the north-west corner right after the second bridge. Units can be positioned so that each enmey unit will be attacked 3 times per round, which will usually be enough to wipe them out in one round.

Sample battle

The following battle was fought between Loryn and Eselred in the Gemfire scenerio. The attacker (Loryn) has 250 troops and Skeletons for the 5th unit. Eselred has 300 troops and the Dragon for a 5th unit. Despite being out numbered 6 to 5, and up against a devistating 5th unit, Loryn wins the battle lossing only his 5th unit and 35 troops. This battle takes advantage of the trap, AI weakness, and Eselred's low war power. This battle is an example of a minimal attack but can still be won and maintained.

Round 1 - Defendors

Eselred will start by advancing his Calvary and first Infantry north. The Dragon will move south. The second Infantry, for whatever reason, attempts to remove the fence in front of them.

Notice the layout of the attacking troops. The 5th unit is trapped if they can not fly. This and all the water is why Gargoyles and Wyvern are such useful units on this field.

Time for the attackers advance...

Round 1 - Attackers

Notice what happened here. The Calvary and first Infentry move up to form the trap. The second Infentry, 5th unit and Archers move into a line to the south. This will take advantage of the computer's weak AI. The computation for the most direct path to the attacker's flag is now to the north--only the first Infentry stands between the flag. In the southern route, there are three units of troops blocking the flag. The computer will conclude the Dragon's best is to the north.

Round 2 - Defendors

Here is the computer's reaction. The Dragon has turned around and is heading north. The second Infentry has also turned north, and managed to remove one of the fences. The Calvary and first Infentry continue to advance to the trap, and the Archers are placed on the flag were they are of no use at all.

Round 2 - Attackers

Loryn's first Infentry move into position. The Calvary will maintain their potion. Although we need the Calvary in A3, moving them to this potion would open them to a flanking assult. Despite the fact Eselred's Calvary could still get a flanking attack the next round, he will not try this--the computer is more interested in getting to the flag. The first Infentry will have to take the brunt of this first attack.

Loryn has move the Archers back. They probably could have just stayed in place the first round. Next round, the Archers will be able to back up the Infentry, and that is what matters.

The second Infentry and 5th unit continue their advance. But now the second Infentry have managed to build a fence. This is useful as it will buy time.

Round 3 - Defendors

Eselred advances Calvary, first and second Infentry as expected. Now the first attack has come: Eselred Calvary against Loryn's first Infentry. Losses will light as Eselred's war power is less than half of Loryn's. The Dragon has turned south again, and it's advance can no longer be reversed. The goal is now to destroy Eselred's regular troops, and delay the Dragon.

Round 3 - Attackers

The trap is now in place, and Loryn attacks Eselred's Calvary from three positions: first a frontal from the Archers, then a flanking from Calvary, and finially a frontal from first Infentry. Losses on Calvary will be about 3% and first Infentry will now be down about 15%. Eselred's Calvary will have sustained about an 85% loss.

To the south, Loryn's second Infentry are retreating. They have moved past the 5th unit and attempted to build a fence, which failed. The 5th unit will is cannon fodder for the dragon simply to slow it down. Since it's a hired 5th unit, it's best if this unit is completely wiped out so you don't have to pay for it in a weak state.

Round 4 - Defendors

Eselred will attempt to advance the surverily weakened Calvary by attacking Loryn's first Infantry, which wipes them out. Eselred's first Infantry advances, but requires an other round before they reach the trap. Eselred's second Infantry does not move, which is irritating. The Dragon continues to advance westward. It's next advance will bring it within attack range to both the second Infantry and 5th unit.

Round 4 - Attackers

Loryn move's the 5th unit into potion to face the Dragon. Their position will result in a frontal attack. Second Infantry attempts to build a fence, but fails. The remaining units simply wait for Eselred's first Infantry.

Round 5 - Defendors

The Dragon moves forward and attacks the Skeletons. Losses around 37%. Eselred's first Infantry attacks Loryn's first Infantry. And Eselred's second Infantry now advances again.

Loryn doesn't move, but attacks Eselred's first Infantry. Loryn's second Infantry again tries to build a fence but fails. The 5th unit does not move.

Round 5 - Attackers

In this around, Eselred's first Infantry attacks and is wiped out. Loryn's first Infantry is now down by 32% and Calvary down by 6%. The Dragon attacks the Skeletons, which are now down 69%. Note that the Dragon, as with all gems, drops 10% after each attack. So it will be down to 130 in strength after 2 rounds of attack.

Loryn again will not move. Second Infantry attempts to build a fence, but again fails.

Round 6 - Defendors

The Dragon has now wiped out the Skeletons, and the second Infantry continues their advance.

Round 6 - Attackers

Loryn's second Infantry mannages to build a fence. Everyone else holds their position.

Round 7 - Defendors & Attackers

Both Eselred and Loryn's turn is shown. The Dragon has removed the first fence and Eselred's second Infentry has advanced. Loryn's first Infentry has backed up and attempt to build an other fence.

Round 8 - Defendors & Attackers

Both Eselred and Loryn's turn is shown. The Dragon has advanced, as have Eselred's second Infentry. Eselred's second Infentry fights Loryn's first Infentry.

Loryn attacks Eselred's second Infentry, lower their numbers by 81%. Loryn's first Infentry is now down 44%, and Calvary down 9%. Loryn's second Infentry has retreated one to be out of the reach of the Dragon and managed to build an other fence.

At this point, Loryn's troops are down 13% and the Eselred down 70% when 5th units are ignored.

Round 9 - Defendors

Eselred's second Infantry attacks and is wiped out. Although Eselred could still win, the Dragon begins to retreat. This begins a glitch in the AI, which will make the Dragon a nonentity for the rest of the battle.

Round 9 - Attackers

Loryn moves the majority of his forces forward toward the castle for the next several rounds. Second Infantry is left on the flag, but they will not be needed.

Round 10 - Defendors & Attackers

Here is the AI glitch in action. Eselred moves the dragon back toward Loryn's flag, but doesn't engage the fence. Eselred could still win by trying to remove the fences and attack the flag.

Loryn continues to advance his forces.

Round 11 - Defendors & Attackers

The AI glitch continues, and so does Loryn.

Round 12 - Defendors & Attackers

Round 13 - Defendors & Attackers

At last, Loryn can attack the Archers. This first attack will destroies about 59% of them. Loryn's Calvary losses about 3%. The AI glitch keeps the Dragon doing nothing of value.

Round 14 - Defendors & Attackers

Loryn does not attack with the Calvary this around. The goal is to occupy the base, so first Infentry and Archers are advanced. Attacking with Calvary could result in Eselred retreating.

Round 15 - Defendors & Attackers - End Game

In this round, Loryn's Archers moved in for a rear attack. First Infentry, despite their weakness wipes out the remaining Archers, and Calvary occupies the base. The battle is won.

Total troop loss for Loryn is 14%. Troop loss for Eselred is 100%. Loryn's hired 5th unit, Skeletons--a fairly weak 5th unit, were wiped out, but they stalled the Dragon for 3 rounds while fences were being constructed and Eselred's main forces depleated. The provance is still defendable with the forces left over.

This senerio is probably as worst case for attack Londre. A strong 5th unit, or more troops only makes things easier. But this stratagy can surve as a template for any battle.