Penzan (26)

Battle field layout

Location of Penzan (26)

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Ashlan (25)

Available 5th Units

Erin & Ander

Orks, Wyvern

Flax's Shame

Orks, Wyvern

Terian's War

Orks, Wyvern


Orks, Wyvern
Direct rule, Flax
Direct rule, Flax

About the province

Penzan is one of 2 provinces that is land locked—the other being Lisle (8). This makes it a good province to have for keeping stock. Empty the province of troops and concentrate on developing cultivation and loyalty. It's good to govern this province with someone with good political and charm, they need no war power.

Wyverns and Gargoyles are useful when battling in this province. The open field leaves no obsticals that can not be flown over. A Wyverns in Penzan is better than the best gem for this reason.

Without a flying 5th unit, this land isn't easy to defend.

Erin and Ander

In Erin and Ander, Penzan is governened by Erven. He has decent charm, but weak political ability. Eustace has average political ability, but weak charm. So assign Erven when developing cultivation, and Eustace when giving food.

Flax Shame

Assign Jerras to Penzan and leave him there. He has average political power, and alright charm.


Kelvin is the best vassel for Penzan, but because Eadric has such weak war power using Penzan as the home province isn't a bad idea. Eadric has phanominal political and charm, so this province can be developed quickly under his rule.